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Just an hour bus ride from Mexico City, Teotihuacan offers hours of exploration around pyramids almost 2,000 years old. We were astonished by the great condition of the ruins and the freedom to climb a vast majority of the pyramids. At only 70 pesos ($3.50) a person to enter the park, this is a destination that shouldn't be missed!
Pyramid of the Moon

Getting There

Buses from Mexico City leave from the Terminal del Autobuses del Norte every 20 mins. Look for a sign that says "Piramides" on the left end of the station. Round trip tickets were around 100 pesos. The first bus of the day leaves around 8am. 

Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon

The largest pyramids are called the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. These names actually came from the Aztecs who came across the pyramids after the Teotihuacanos abandoned them. You can climb both pyramids, but you can't climb all the way to the top of the Pyramid of the Moon; the top third is blocked off. 
Everything you want to see in the park is within two square miles, but climbing the pyramids can be exhausting. The steps are very deep and rocky. However, we saw people of all ages climbing both the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon. Some people stopped multiple times to take a break or just to enjoy the great views! Bring lots of water or buy some at the store when you first enter the park and you will be fine.
In addition to the pyramids, there are some ruins of smaller buildings that you can walk inside. We enjoyed the artwork that has been maintained for so long. Be sure to check out the map at the park entrance or you might miss something. There are multiple museums with ancient artifacts, but we only went to one since we accidentally passed by another one. There are also vendors throughout the park, but they mostly have nick-nacks. I did buy a wide brimmed hat here to protect my shoulders from the persistent sun. 

Get There Early

We planned on picking up some quick street food for breakfast outside the park, but there weren't any food vendors due to the large signs that prohibited them. Instead, we had to eat at the restaurant just inside which put us up the pyramids a little later than we originally planned. Fortunately, we had gotten on the second bus from Mexico City and the crowds were still mild when we finished breakfast. We were able to climb both of the big pyramids without bumping into people. On our way back from the Pyramid of the Moon, the path up the Pyramid of the Sun was overflowing with tourists. It looked uncomfortable to climb and overcrowded at the top. Even if you're not much of a morning person, I recommend making the effort to get here early to avoid that experience.

Eating Crickets

For lunch, we hit up La Gruta, a restaurant built inside a cave within walking distance of the park. The ambiance was well worth the slightly expensive (for Mexico) lunch prices. We tried chapulines (crickets) along with a salad made of cactus leaves and chicken fajitas. The food wasn't as good as some of the restaurants we found in the city (Contramar!), but the experience was unforgettable. 
La Gruta

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