Sunday, September 17, 2017

Grab a Bite in Cusco

I really love finding great restaurants when we travel. So many countries have amazing food for much cheaper than what we would pay in the US. Normally, I just mention a few great places to eat among other articles. However, the food in Cusco is just THAT good. I needed a separate article just to rave about a few of our favorite stops.
Four course meal at Green Point

Green Point
We stopped at Green Point twice for their ah-mazing lunch deal. Four vegan (yummy) courses for $15 soles. Now I know that vegan food isn't for everyone, but seriously this was a good deal. You get one pass through their salad bar which has an assortment of greens, sauces, prepared salads, and freshly baked bread. Then you have a set soup and a choice between two entrees which change daily. Finally you indulge in a small yet decadent dessert. 

Entrees at Organika

Another good pick for vegetarians, Organika offers a variety of veggie and fish entrees. Since we stopped here after our 17 hour bus ride, I elected for a light salad with quail eggs while John chose baked trout with a carrot puree. Everything was incredible and reasonably priced from around 15 to 35 soles. Organika boasts its own organic farm where they grow their vegetables which we passed during our Sacred Valley tour. 

Alpaca Steak at Seledonia's Mesa
Seledonia's Mesa
If you're looking for genuinely good, authentic Peruvian food, definitely stop at Seledonia's Mesa. They have a variety of options from saltados (a simple yet delicious meal with meat, rice, and vegetables) to burgers. I enjoyed a vegetarian quinoa dish with an amazing sauce and plenty of veggies. Peru grows a lot of quinoa, and in my opinion it tastes better there than in the states. John tried an alpaca steak for 30 soles, and thought the generous portion of meat was delicious. Of course, most Peruvian dishes come with potatoes, and these were probably the best ones we had all trip. 

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