Monday, June 17, 2019

Two Days in Seville

Our Spain trip started with two days in Seville full of architecture, flamenco, and churros. 

Seville Must Sees

  • Torre Oro

We took a bus from the Seville Airport into town, getting off at the Torre Oro. This famous tower makes a nice landmark for the town center and impressed us even more when we went back to see it at night.
  • Plaza de España
From the Torre Oro we walked to the Plaza de España. A curved government building and narrow canal outline the plaza which features an elaborate fountain at its center. We walked through the arches of the building admiring the intricate architecture. 

  • Falmenco Show
You will see ads for Flamenco shows on just about every street in Seville. We decided to go with the highest rated experience at the Museo del Baile Flamenco. We paid 22 euros each for the show only (we didn't go into the museum) and felt like it was well worth the price. There are cheaper shows around but this was extremely professional, intimate, and captivating. We purchased our tickets in advance and it looked like it sells out even though there are multiple shows every evening. You cannot take pictures during the show, but it's great to just relax and admire the beautiful performance. 
  • Seville Cathedral
You cannot avoid the cathedral while walking around Seville. It has a powerful presence with impressive architecture that the town lights up at night. We purchased tickets online the day before we visited for 19 euros total for the two of us. The inside is even more spectacular than the outside and boasts the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Inside you can climb up the tower for a great view of Seville. Just be careful to avoid the top when the bells ring!
  • Real Alcázar de Sevilla
Our favorite stop in Seville was the Alcázar, a Mulsim palace with incredible detail from the arches to the gardens. We were able to grab free tickets available only on Tuesday evenings at 6pm. Since the free tickets sell out, we secured them a month in advance with a small fee for getting them online. Since the palace closes at 7:30, we had a limited amount of time, however we felt an hour and a half was sufficient to see the area. I strongly recommend staying until the staff usher you out since you practically have the palace to yourself at that point. 

Seville Must Eats
  • Churros
Plenty of places in Seville have great churros, however if you want to indulge outside of breakfast hours like a tourist you'll have a little trouble finding them. We lucked out at Bar El Comercio where we enjoyed afternoon churros and the thickest hot chocolate Spain has to offer. Spanish churros are light, crispy, and unsweetened which makes the chocolate essential.
  • Alfonso
Although Seville doesn't offer free tapas with drinks the way Granada does, Alfonso might be our favorite tapas bar of our trip. We spent 35 euros for 4 drinks and a meal's worth of tapas for the two of us. Alfonso offers both traditional Spanish tapas (paella) and has equally delicious less traditional options (eggplant, squid wok). The only downside is the place is a little small for how popular it is and doesn't do reservations, so you might have to wait around to snag a table. 

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