Thursday, February 23, 2017

About Me

Welcome to My Blog!

Thanks for stopping by. My husband and I love to travel and particularly like to find active outdoor activities to experience foreign places. Here you'll find where we went, what we did, and how we made it happen. I hope I can inspire you to adventure to some of the places we've been!

Hi I'm Courtney! I'm a high school math teacher married to an actuary. My husband, John, and I love to take trips around the world. We're very fortunate to have five weeks of vacation time each year to pursue our passion for travel. I think that everyone who wants to see the world can do so if they make it a priority. We strategically plan out our travel time to see everything we can and choose to spend money on those things really important to us. Frequently our vacations include camping, Airbnbs, inexpensive meals, and carry on luggage. That being said, we also put aside money from every paycheck for travel. While we are both very happy with our jobs, it's nice on a rough Monday to remember that our hard earned money goes towards our next adventure.
When we're not traveling, we spend our time hiking, running, drinking craft beer, and obsessing over our pets.

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